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Best Golfing Bloopers
Best Golfing Bloopers

Best Golfing Bloopers

The bloopers reel is often the funniest part of any TV show or moviebut bloopers featuring our favorite sport? Even better. Especially…

American Media and Special Promotions is now Grand Prize Promotions!


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We are excited to announce that American Media and Special Promotions is now Grand Prize Promotions!


Why did we change?

While American Media and Special Promotions (AMSP) had a good following and was doing great business, the name didn’t accurately reflect what we do. We provide Grand Prize Promotions that elevate your events and increase excitement for your fans, customers, or listeners -  and revenue for you and your sponsors.

We wanted the name and the feel of the company to reflect that. We want to get loud about the incredible contests and promotions that we provide, and this is step one in that journey.


What does this mean for you?

If you’ve been using AMSP in the past, you can expect the same great service, quality and value you’ve come to expect from our team. Yes – the same team! No one is going anywhere, instead we are taking their experience and capitalizing on it to add to the business through: 

  • Exciting new contests and promotions: Stay tuned for ideas you never would have thought possible
  • Targeted Industry Promotions: No matter what industry you are in, we are building promotions targeted toward your business and your customers to have the greatest impact
  • Cross Promoting: As you may know, we are a part of the American Hole ‘n One group so we will be able to offer you promotions both on and off the golf course for the future


What else?

We have been hard at work launching a new website and new social media sites in order to continue and share with you the fun and exciting things we have coming up.

On our new site you can:

  • See promotions that are most relevant to your business here
  • Request more information on our promotions here
  • Request help in coming up with new ideas here


See what you think about our new look by visiting today.  

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