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What Is the History of Golf?
What Is the History of Golf?

What Is the History of Golf?

Have you ever wondered who invented this fascinating sport or how it became popular? Golf can be credited to the Scots, tracing its history…

How Hole in One Coverage Works

Hole in one contests are the perfect way to generate excitement and buzz about your golf tournament. But, with the potential of paying out big prizes, it can be risky for golf tournament directors to advertise big prizes. How will you afford big prizes like vacations, jewelry and cars if someone should shoot an ace?

If you are considering a hole in one contest for your golf tournament, you may be wondering how does hole in one coverage work.


A hole in one coverage policy is the perfect way to have a hole in one contest at your event, without having to worry about paying out big prizes if someone should shoot an ace. See how hole in one coverage works and get in touch with our Golf Excitement Specialists to learn more!



How Hole in One Coverage Works

With a hole in one insurance policy from National Hole-in-One, tournament directors won’t have to budget for elaborate prizes in the rare event that someone shoots an ace. Instead, National Hole-in-One will assume responsibility for covering the prizes. Hole in one coverage is an affordable way to advertise huge prizes at your event.



Hole in One Coverage Prizes

With hole in one coverage, golf tournament directors can advertise big prizes like jewelry, cars, vacations, furniture – anything that has a monetary value! At National Hole-in-One, we can help you brainstorm an exciting prize or if you a prize idea in mind, we can create the hole in one coverage to reflect that specific prize.



Hole in One Coverage for My Golf Tournament

When you purchase contest coverage from National Hole-in-One, you are indemnified from all the risks that may arise as the result of offering prizes for a Hole in One Contest. If someone should make a hole-in-one on a par 3, National Hole-in-One will award the main prize.



Benefits of Hole in One Contests

A hole in one contest is the perfect way to add excitement to any golf tournament. As a tournament director or organizer, you may find yourself trying to find an exciting event for both sponsors and players. Advertising a big grand prize not only attracts more participants, but sponsors will love the visibility they get from a large event. A buzz of possibly winning a grand prize makes your tournament something that people will be talking about long before and long after the event is over.



Getting a Hole in One Coverage Quote

Getting a hole in one coverage quote is easy with National Hole-in-One. To give you a quote, we need the number of players, the value of the prize awarded for a hole in one contest, and the yardage of the hole(s) on which it is offered. If you’re not sure how many players are expected at your tournament, we recommend estimating on the high side just to be safe. At National Hole-in-One, we can provide coverage for anything of value. Simply provide us the dollar value and a description of the prize you are offering.



Is Hole in One Coverage Affordable?

Hole in one coverage is more affordable than you may think! If you are new to hole in one coverage, you might think that an insurance policy will be costly. The costs associated with hole in one coverage can be as little as $115! Typically, hole in one quotes are between $200 and $1000 and is dependent on your coverage package and how many golfers are attending your event.


The majority of prizes for these contests are sponsored, so you may be able to find a sponsor that fronts the cost of the hole in one coverage. Many local businesses are willing to take part in these events, like local car dealerships, in order to benefit from the advertising potential.



Why Work with National Hole in One for Hole in One Coverage

National Hole-in-One has been the leading hole in one coverage provider for over 30 years. Our team is proud to offer superior customer service. For your peace of mind, our hole in one coverage is underwritten by A+ rated Great American Insurance Group. Get a fast and affordable quote from one of our professionally trained Golf Excitement Specialists that are eager to provide you with personalized attention!



Bonuses from National Hole-in-One: Golf Event Signage and More!

Not only will you get comprehensive prize coverage for your hole in one contest, but you’ll get the highest quality golf event signage that are personalized to represent your sponsor or company. Our high-quality signs are completely customizable and flexible to fit your budget. We ensure on time delivery, even with rush orders.


In addition to advertising the main prize, we can provide you with bonus prizes to make your event even more exciting. Our current bonus prizes are at no cost to you and can be placed on three additional par-3 holes on the course. We’ve worked very closely with our partners to bring top of the line prizes like a TravisMathew apparel package, a trip to French Lick Resort, and bonus prize package from with up to $2,000 in tee times!


Contact National Hole-in-One to Learn How Hole in One Coverage Works

We hope this has helped answer the question “how does hole in one coverage work?” and provided you a bit more information about the hole in one coverage process.


Curious to learn more about hole in one coverage and how it can benefit your event? Allow the Golf Excitement Specialists to assist you! We will walk you through the process of obtaining hole in one coverage and answer your questions. Simply give us a call or request a quote online!


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