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What Is the History of Golf?
What Is the History of Golf?

What Is the History of Golf?

Have you ever wondered who invented this fascinating sport or how it became popular? Golf can be credited to the Scots, tracing its history…

Longest Drive Summer Event

The end of summer is here and what better way to close out summer than to offer our Longest Drive Sales Event. The Longest Drive is one of our most popular add-on contests that will draw a crowd and gives golfers in your tournament a chance to grip it and rip it!

Here’s how it works:

Select a par 5 hole- one that is fairly straight and long. You will be provided with a marker that will be used by each golfer after the ball has landed in the fairway. When, and if, the golfer hits a drive beyond the marker, the marker then gets moved to the furthest shot, and so on. Once each golfer has taken their shot, the person who hit their ball the farthest, wins the prize!

All you need to do is book your hole in one contract with us and mention the code longest19! Add-on the Longest Drive Summer Event to your contract for ONLY $150- this is a savings of $30 this month ONLY! We are also giving away a TaylorMade M3 - 3 Wood with this add-on. Don’t miss out on your chance to save money with this awesome contest and receive an amazing club for yourself!


Call us today with any questions you have! Our Golf Excitement Specialists are on stand-by to help you with your hole in one insurance needs.

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