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Top 10 Golf Courses to Visit in Florida
Top 10 Golf Courses to Visit in Florida

Top 10 Golf Courses to Visit in Florida

One of the best golf destinations in the world is Florida. Whether you're looking for a golf course that offers golfing all year long or…

Masters 1, 2, 3 - Get Your Contract For Free!

The dream is to be invited to compete in the tournament and take home that beautiful green jacket, bragging rights, and, of course, big bucks! The winner of this year’s Masters tournament is completely up for grabs, but what if American Hole ‘n One could make you a Masters winner? Unfortunately, you won’t be going home with a green jacket, but you will have bragging rights and more money in your pocket!

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This year we are introducing a brand-new promotion for our clients to enjoy that is all centered around predicting the top 3 finishers at the Masters. Once you have booked your contract, you will receive an email with a link to cast your votes. After entering you predictions, you will receive a confirmation email with you predictions in it.

Even if you only have a passing knowledge of golf, you know about or have heard of the Masters. It’s a golf match highly coveted by professional and amateur golfers alike.

If you can guess the top 3 finishers in the correct order, you will receive your contract that you booked in March for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly – FREE! Your event doesn’t have to be in March, but only the contracts booked in March will be eligible.

Close-up of a ball at the golf courseGet yourself started with these 3 easy steps:

1. Book your contract by March 31st.

2. Watch for an email with a link to cast your votes. (Don’t forget to keep your confirmation email!)

3. Tune into this year’s Masters tournament and see if you are a winner!

Join in on the fun and put a new spin on this year’s Masters Tournament by cheering for yourself!  Don’t wait - Click HERE to get a quote or call us as 800.822.2257. One of our many talented golf excitement specialists will get your contract book quickly and easily. So, get the ball rolling that way you too can be a Masters champion!

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