Frequently Asked Questions

Golf Promotions

What is included in my Hole in One package?

The hole in one package includes: Main prize sign Bonus prizes for additional par 3 holes Automatic coverage for multiple hole in one winners (unless otherwise stated on the contract) - Free shipping direct to golf course or client - World class 24 hour customer service - Event execution checklist - Highest rated coverage in the industry (“A” rated from the Great American Insurance Group).

What if the number of players changes on the day of the tournament?

Changes to the number of shots must be called in to AHNO prior to the start of the tournament. Coverage fee adjustments will be billed or refunded after the event..

What happens if my tournament is rained out?

Assuming no shots were taken on the target hole(s) the contract will be amended to a rescheduled rain date without additional charge.

What is your minimum yardage?

In no event may any contestant shoot at the main prize hole(s) from less than 135 yards. Any hole with a bonus prize must be shot from a minimum of 100 yards.

Are mulligans or practice shots allowed on the prize holes?

Mulligans and/or practice shots will not be counted towards the receipt of a main or bonus prize. Only the first attempt will count towards the prize.

How many bonus prizes do I get with the package?

AHNO provides the coverage for up to five (5) par 3 holes on the course.

How many witnesses do I need?

For every contest featuring a main prize, 2 witnesses must be present- 1 on the tee and 1 on the green. For various prize values the requirements of the witnesses may vary. Please consult your warranties and conditions page on your contract for specific requirements.

Do you supply the hole witnesses?

All witnesses must be appointed by the sponsor or a responsible tournament official.

What if I have pros playing in my tournament?

If a professional golfer is eligible to win any hole-in-one prize(s), the individual must be counted as a participant in the contract and additional charges will apply.


What do I do if I have a winner?

Immediate telephone notice by the sponsor to the claims department of AHNO must be made no later than the first business day after the event. In the event of a main prize winner, the claims department of AHNO will provide a claim packet to the sponsor.

What if I have multiple hole in one winners?

AHNO will award the prize specified on the contract for every ace during the tournament, unless otherwise noted on the contract.

Contracts and Payment

When do I have to pay my contract fee?

Payment must be received by AHNO at least 24 hours prior to your event date.

Are my contracts valid if they are not signed?

A signed contract must be received at least 24 hours prior to the event date in order to bind coverage for your event.

How much time do you need to book the contract?

To book a contract and receive our premium sign package, AHNO requests 24-48 hours' notice prior to the start of the event. If your event does not require signage, AHNO must be contacted prior to tournament play in order to provide coverage. A minimum of 3 business days is required to receive a sign package without a rush shipping fee incurred.

Can you send me an invoice separate from my contract?

The contract serves as your invoice; upon request, our customer service department can issue a separate invoice.

Can I revise my contract?

Any revisions to the contract must be called in to AHNO prior to the tournament. You may communicate any changes in coverage via phone at (800) 822-2257. If you are calling outside of normal business hours, please call our toll free number and follow the instructions to reach our emergency line, leave a message in AHNO’s emergency mail box, or via fax at (770) 271-4007, or email

Will you call me when you receive my payment or signed contract?

Clients are notified via email when a signed contract is received by AHNO. If payment is by credit card AHNO will issue a credit receipt to client. All contracts must be signed and paid prior to the start of tournament play.

What is AHNO’s turnaround time?

Our turnaround time (with signage included) is specifically desgined to fit your needs. In some special cases, a 24 hour turnaround is possible. Contact a Customer service representative to assist you further.


What is your cancellation policy?

If a hole-in-one, shootout, or putting contest on the course is cancelled for any reason, AHNO must receive a 24-hour advance written notice. A refund will be made less a $50 cancellation fee.