GM Approved LogoNew for 2019 - Bridgestone Golf and Corkcicle join TravisMathew to Provide Golfers with Three Great Choices


American Hole 'n One is proud to be the preferred hole in one partner for General Motors for over 25 years. Since 2010, American Hole 'n One has been proud to partner with each of the GM brands to bring you the Test Drive Program. 

The Test Drive Program is fully funded by Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, and it is available to every one of their dealers that books their hole in one event through American Hole 'n One. It is a program designed to encourage golfers to visit your dealership and test drive a new vehicle in exchange for a $100 gift card to a preferred vendor of American Hole 'n One. The $100 offer cannot be redeemed until a valid test drive is completed and the customer's information is registered online. 

After 250,000+ test drives, 10,000 vehicles sold and 78% dealer participation, we are excited to add a new addition to the program to help increase these numbers by expanding the golfer demographic. 

So, what's new?  

We've built upon the success of this program to include not just one but three vendor partners for your customers to choose from. We believe that by giving golfers more options, we will increase the amount of test drives taken and the amount of vehicles sold. 

Introducing our 2019 Test Drive Partners  




$100 to spend at

The classic styling of the TravisMathew brand translates perfectly to what is considered “business casual,” and the fresh and progressive collections are what differentiate us from the S.O.S. (Same Old Shirt). Our exclusive line of lifestyle wear and accessories will be a direct reflection on your business’ premium image, and the association of our two brands will elevate the status of all who are seen in TravisMathew.

Gift Card Pic_Corkcicle


$100 to spend at 

It all started back in 2010 with a question: How do you chill wine to the perfect drinking temperature without the mess of an ice bucket? After dozens of prototypes, the original Corkcicle in-bottle wine chiller (now the Corkcicle Air) was born.

Since then, we've come a long way. We continued creating innovative barware, then found our way into the hydration space. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of keeping things cool in style. As we grow and evolve, our mission is still the same: Elevate the moments that matter.



 BSG Tour B X_Lid balls


Bridgestone Golf 

2 dozen golf balls of your choice ($100 value)

Since 1931, Bridgestone Golf has been guided by the philosophy, “Serve society with superior quality.” As a result, their technical advancements in tire technology has led them to breakthroughs in golf ball technology. This technology has allowed Bridgestone Golf to become a leader in golf ball technology, and it is the current ball played by Tiger Woods and many other pros on the PGA Tour.

Our golf balls are carefully engineered by a team of experts to fit your individual style of play. We believe they're the best golf balls in the industry.

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Each player in the tournament is to receive one invitation. They may be handed out by a dealership representative at the main prize hole, or the witness may hand an invitation to each player as he/she steps up to shoot for the hole in one prize. If you have extra invitations or the event gets cancelled, the invitations must be returned because they can not be used for other events.


The purpose of the Test Drive Program is to invite guests back to your dealership for consideration of the entire lineup of brand new vehicles. Test Drives should be taken at the Dealership, not at the golf course.


Only registered golfers who play in the tournament are eligible for a Test Drive Invitation. Golf course staff or tournament volunteers should not receive an Invitation unless they are also registered to play. GM and GM Dealer employees and their family members are not eligible for this offer.


The golfer will visit the dealership and test drive an all new vehicle of their choice. Once the test drive is completed, the salesperson will activate the invitation by following the instructions on the back of the invitation. Once the registration is completed properly, the golfer will receive an email within 14 days containing an online shopping code and instructions to shop online. For activation assistance, please call 1-800-581-4535 to speak with our Test Drive Representatives.

Want to know even more?

Check out our FAQ page here or call us at 1-800-581-4535