Steps For Acquiring Coverage

Hosting a golf tournament lies in your hands. You want to add excitement to your event by giving away a large prize to a golfer that makes a hole in one, but don’t want to assume the risk of having to cover the cost? We understand! Our Hole In One Insurance Policy covers the cost of your selected prize and American Hole ‘n One assumes full responsibility should someone make a qualifying hole in one. Follow these simple steps to acquire coverage:

  • 1
    Provide the number of golfers that will participate in your tournament.
  • 2
    Select the par 3 hole(s) and yardage for the main prize hole in one contest.
  • 3
    Determine the cash value of your main prize.
  • 4
    Your prize is covered and your hole in one sponsorship sign package will be delivered to the golf course or any other preferred address.