Million Dollar Shot & Shootouts

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The Million Dollar Shot is an unforgettable experience for golfers, courses and sponsors combined. Sponsors will flock to these events with the opportunity to put their names next to such large prize values, and golfers will return to the tournaments year after year in hopes of taking home the grand prize. This is the most exciting shot of all- be sure to add it to your tournament!

As one of the most popular golf promotions, a shootout is a great addition to any golf tournament! Selected finalists participate in a hole in one shootout following the tournament on the 18th green (or another designated green). If any of the finalists make a hole in one, they win the grand prize!


Million Dollar Shot & Shootouts

How It Works:

  1. Provide the number of golfers that will participate in the contest.
  2. Select the hole and yardage for the shootout.
  3. Determine the cash value of your prize.
  4. Your prize is covered and your Million Dollar Shot sign will be delivered to an address of your choice.

What’s Included?

  • Prize Coverage
  • Signage – Your choice of:
    1. 2’x4’ Personalized Sign
    2. 2’x4’ Oversized Prize Check
  • Shootout Registration Binder

How Much Does It Cost?

American Hole ‘n One offers all-inclusive packages with free shipping. Pricing varies based on 3 key factors: number of eligible players, distance of the shot (in yards), and the cash value of your main prize. Need more information? Call (800) 822-2257 to speak with a Golf Excitement Specialist now!

We Make it Easy

Our team of professionally trained Golf Excitement Specialists will walk you through the most comprehensive hole in one program in just minutes. Simply give us a call or request a quote online.


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